Saturday, October 20, 2007

Gophers v. NDSU Open Thread

Leave all your North Dakota State game comments here. I'm hesitantly predicting a Gophers win today, but something tells me it won't be easy. If the Gophers don't win, I'm turning my coverage completely to basketball .... something I've been eagerly awaiting for a few weeks now.
** BTN gives us access to Brewster's speech before the game. He came up with "We're going to choke their asses out!!!"

Can I ask what the hell than means? Is this the Ultimate Fighting Championship? Weird. Psychotic. How do you choke an ass? And what does he mean by choking an ass out?

** Meanwhile, what's equally disturbing, is the Bison and Gophers are tied at 7 midway through the first quarter.

** Halftime has the Bison up 17-14. I've been all in favor of the Gophers playing a tougher non-conference schedule, but I submit that Brewster learn how to dominate teams like Florida Atlantic and North Dakota State University before we see the likes of Texas and Nebraska.

** Anyone notice the smug look on Glen Mason's face during the BTN halftime report? He's gotta be loving watching Brewster's Gophers struggle. I'm outta here for the second half. Go Gophers! Come on, Coach Brewster, rally the troops!


Anonymous said...

Tim Brewster is cleraly insane. Good to know the Gophers will struggle for another decade.


WWWWWW said...

You can't argue with that.

Alex said...

I'll look forward to reading about basketball. Hopefully it won't be as depressing as our football..

Anonymous said...

Lose to a Division 4 team. I think my high school team can beat Minnesota.

Quite possibly the worst team in division 1

Anonymous said...

Your coach is idiotic. The Golden Gophers are in deep trouble and the future looks rough. Recruits are hitting the road and your coach is using UFC slogans to motivate the team.


MinnesotaBasketball said...

I know Minnesota basketball and this season, even with a new coach, won't be any better than past seasons.

Indiana fan said...

Thank you Minnesota for taking over as the worst team in the big 10

Happy Hour Valley said...

I personally thought Glen Mason got a raw deal getting fired after the Houston Bowl debacle. However, it's only fair that Brewster gets about 2 more years to ensure that his team is made up mainly of his recruits in order to gauge him better.

I also feel your pain regarding the NDSU loss, it's the equivalent of when PSU's basketball team lost to Stony Brook and Southeast Louisiana last year.

Anyway, great blog you got here, keep up the fine work. I'm going to add you to the links section of my blog.