Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tubby Talks, Brewster Should Listen

I've been a little hard on Tim Brewster for his penchant to say outlandish things that put undue pressure on his players and don't meet the smell test of any realistic Minnesota football fan.

Some of these gems have included that he was going to take this football team to Pasadena, that this team had the talent to be in the thick of a Big Ten race, that he has earned a grade of A through five games, etc. etc. I do believe the football program needed a dose of pizazz, but Brewster has continually went overboard. I'm still optimistic about his tenure roaming the sidelines, but while he and the team matures, Brewster ought to take some notes from a national championship coach who just happens to work down the hall.

During a Q&A with Marcus Fuller of the Pioneer Press,
basketball coach Tubby Smith was asked what the expectations should be for the 2007-08 Gophers basketball team. Had this question been posed to Coach Brewster, Fuller would have received a response talking about Gopher Nation, Pasadena, titles and other unrealistic pipe dreams.

Here's Tubby: "We want to be competitive. That's what I always said wherever I've been. You better not put numbers out there and talk about how many games you'll win. You're trying to make sure that players understand your expectations are high but they're not unrealistic."

I appreciate that response from Tubby. It's honest. It's realistic, and it doesn't put undue pressure on his players. Brewster's statements before the season began were unfair to his current crop of kids and his insistence on continuing the same insane rhetoric is going to do the players and the program a long-term disservice. He can be positive and upbeat while at the same time being honest and realistic.


Anonymous said...

"his insistence on continuing the same insane rhetoric is going to do the players and the program a long-term disservice."

My preferred coaching style is that of Bud Grant, but seriously, what's the long term problem going to be? Either he wins or he's gone in 4-5 years. If he's quiet and loses, he's still gone. The real problem is that his style reminds Gopher fans of Holtz and Wacker. Might as well sit back and enjoy the ride. If he wins, it's all good. If not, we have someone to savage until he gets fired.

PJS said...

I think recruiting could take a long-term hit if Brewster is seen stating things that are far from the truth. If he knew this team didn't have the talent to go to Pasadena, he shouldn't argue that it is talented enonugh to go there. That strikes me as being dishonest and a character flaw that could hurt recruiting long term.

God knows the program can't afford its recruiting to take any more slides.

Anonymous said...

I can see your point, especially with in-state kids. We don't need any more credibility problems in that area. Let's hope Brew delivers.

Anonymous said...

As usual, you are twisting Mr. Brewsters words. Please show me any quote where he has said - WE ARE GOING TO PASADENA THIS YEAR - you can't because he hasn't.

You fancy yourself to be in the mold of a Reusse or Souhan, but you are not impressing anyone other than yourself with these kinds of comments.

I don't even know why I continue to read your blog. You have become so "media friendly" I wouldn't be surprised if you thought Mike Gundy was wrong in calling out that nasty columnist.
You need a dose of "school spirit" or some other kind of spirit to get over yourself.

PJS said...

Thanks for reading, anon. My point is Brewster shouldn't have raised expectations so high for this group. He repeatedly referred to a Gophers team of the 1960s that went to the Rose Bowl after a lackluster season a year prior.

He's a good salesman, but he needs to learn how to effectively play the expectations game. If he were a politician and he was a poor debater, wouldn't it be wise to downplay expectations before the debate? Tubby Smith is doing that with his quote above. He's saying his team is going to busts its butt and improve and be competitive. That's a far cry from Brewster's lofty rhetoric.

Mark said...

Who's ready for Tubby's Tipoff besides me? October 12th at The Barn!

I'm not ready to give up Coach Brew just yet, but I do agree with PJS that he could learn a thing or two from watching how Tubby talks about his team.

PJS said...

I can't wait for the tipoff. Maybe I'll fly in for the occasion!

I'm very excited about Tubby and the basketball program. I grew up dreaming about playing in Williams Arena. Then I only grew to 6 feet and being slow, white and unbale to jump, I maxed out at competitive high school ball.