Monday, October 1, 2007

'Critical' Games Ahead For 1-4 Gophers

I was hoping that Tim Brewster would have dined on a healthy dose of humble pie by now, but instead I read today that Brewster is calling the next stretch of games 'critical.'

These games are at Indiana, at Northwestern and home against North Dakota State.

When I think of 'critical' games, I tend to think of games between highly-ranked opponents, perhaps opponents contending for a conference title. Teams that are 1-4 and aren't going anywhere in 2007, not even the Blackwater Bowl in Baghdad, don't get to have 'critical' games.

I understand that Brewster is probably hesitant to write the season off as a year in which the Gophers are going to grow, mature and learn new systems. But that's exactly what 2007 has to be at this point.

Brester added this gem: "This is a season in which we can be a really good football team."

You can't lose to Florida Atlantic during the season and be "really good" and have "critical games." You can improve, not contend.

This season is lost, Coach Brewster, so we need to concentrate on the maturation of Adam Weber, Duane Bennett, a young secondary and pray that Mike Dunbar learns to effectivley use his personnel by this time next season.

This is another example of Brewster being a public relations man first and coach second. There is no good reason to raise expectations for this squad by seeking headlines. Level with your fan base, coach. This game isn't 'critical' for any meaningful reason. It's only 'critical' because you'd like to go into 2008 with at least one conference win under your belt.


Anonymous said...

You'd never make it as a football coach with your down attitude. Or maybe you were a coach and that's why you're writing a blog now?

You really think a Coach should say 'this season is a loss, I'm writing it off and concentrating on my freshmen. The heck with the seniors, the rest of the games don't need to be played, cause we suck and probably can't win any of them anyway.' Yeah, right. Great idea.

PJS said...

This season has to be about next season. He doesn't have to 'write the season off' publicly, but he can stop playing up expectations.

Calling this team "really good" raises expectations beyond what they should be. Look at Marcus Fuller's Q&A with Tubby Smith, who successfully provides Gophers fans with realistic expectations.

He's not saying he's taking the Gophers to the NCAA Finals. He's talking about improvement, and building the basketball team over time. Brewster could learn a thing or two from Tubby.