Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Webster To Play For Utah State

The Bryce Webster mystery has taken another twist in the last few days, with news breaking in Utah that the former Golden Gopher forward/center has committed to play for Utah State.

This is the same Bryce Webster who was fairly highly regarded coming out of St. Thomas Academy. Webster played sparingly for the 9-22 Gophers last season. Shortly after Tubby Smith arrived on the scene, rumors began to circulate that Webster was on his way out.

As I reported here and here, the local media didn't provide any real reasons for Webster's decision to leave. Was it his teammates? Did he prefer the Monson era to Tubby Smith? Did he just crave to play ball in Utah? We'll never know, but now we do know that the rumors put out by that Webster was leaving to play for Harvard were unfounded.

Perhaps I've overblown this situation in my search to find answers. My instincts tell me something related to Webster and his time at the U is fishy. Does anyone know anything? Either way, I think this effectively ends this story.


Anonymous said...

Is it breaking news if we've known about it for more than a week?

Mark said...

KARE-11's Randy Shaver just reported that Tubby Smith landed Ralph Sampson III. Bryce who?