Thursday, October 11, 2007

Two More Leave Gophers

The Star Tribune reported yesterday that two more former Glen Mason recruits didn't like the new regime and have now left Tim Brewster and the Golden Gophers football team.

Defensive end Sean McWhirter and fullback Tommy Becker both decided to leave the team now, instead of waiting until the end of the year. The STrib's Chip Scoggins quoted Becker as saying he wasn't happy with what was going on.

I've grown somewhat tired of blogging about this team and its coach's determination to say silly things, but for the first time in Brewster's tenure he declined to comment to a reporter. While I've hammered Timmy B. for his penchant to run his mouth, it'd be nice to hear an honest assessment from the coach as to why now three players have left his program after just a handful of games.


Anonymous said...

Cause it happens pretty much whenever a school changes coaches? No big mystery.

PJS said...

I buy that in part, but it's troublesome that these kids won't stick it out for the entire year. It just makes one wonder.